Where fashion meets conscience

By now we all know: The choices we make have an impact on our planet. This can be projected to every situation in life - also in the brands and products we choose to wear or buy. The answer is not always to buy less, but to buy right: Investing in well-made, durable items from brands committed to fair labor practices, eco-friendly materials, and transparent supply chains.

Where fashion meets conscience

The rise of green fashion

Buying responsibly is not just a trend, it is a conscious choice for the environment. Over the past decade, more and more shoppers have chosen to invest in eco-friendly products. It is beyond doubt that the fashion industry has a significant influence on our ecological footprint. In addition to the environmental changes, impacted through material and water waste or chemical usage, there's a profound social responsibility attached to fashion production. Fast fashion is connected to inhumane working conditions, including excessive working hours and child labor, which highlight the industry's ethical shortcomings. Unlike fast fashion's reliance on inferior materials leading to poor quality, sustainable fashion emphasizes mostly durability and utilizes environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials. The key factors regarding sustainability in fashion production are ethically sourced materials or material recycling, energy-efficient manufacturing processes as well as eco-conscious packaging and shipping practices.

Due to its use of high-quality materials and meticulous production methods, sustainable fashion ensures that products last longer and provide greater satisfaction to consumers. Moreover, reducing waste throughout the production cycle, including material recycling and upcycling, are important factors that should not be overlooked. Furthermore, fair working hours and wages play a crucial role in the broader conversation about responsible consumption. Beyond the environmental impact, the human element in production is significant. Certifications such as Fair Trade, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Bluesign, or adherence to specific sustainability standards can serve as crucial markers for a brand's commitment to ethical practices.


Why we strive for fair brands and sustainable products

For us and our shop, sustainability is a guiding principle. As new-fledged business owners we see it as our responsibility to support sustainable European products and brands. In a fast fashion-dominated industry, our goal is to advocate for change by being as mindful as possible in the selection of our products and brands. SOFTCLOX, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a brand we highly support for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and the “slow fashion” approach. SOFTCLOX’s belief in shared responsibility for the planet is reflected in the production process: minimal use of resources, sourcing materials exclusively from Europe and manufacturing through an Austrian partner company in Hungary. The clog's leather is ethically sourced from an Italian family business, while the soles are made from sustainably managed wood from European forests. The brand’s motto “friends for life!“ embodies longevity, durability and shifts away from today's throwaway culture. SOFTCLOX's transparent approach to their production processes further underlines their commitment to sustainability. 

Bracenet is another brand worth mentioning when it comes to eco-friendly products. We have a special bond with the beach and all things sea, which makes it our personal concern to support marine life protection. That's why Bracenet products are part of our shop. Based in Hamburg, Germany, their mission is to reduce ocean plastic and waste. They do this by upcycling lost fishing nets into one-of-a-kind bracelets and other products. In cooperation with various NGOs and other initiatives, nets from wrecks and reefs that have been lost or intentionally sunk are collected. Each bracelet is lovingly and elaborately handcrafted in Germany and a portion of the proceeds is donated to support the initiatives.

Embrace a sustainable wardrobe by making responsible purchases from fair trade brands. Get inspired by the selection in our store!