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Hi and welcome to our little shop! It’s Sibylle (Billi) and Michael, the dynamic duo behind this digital concept store. About a year ago, we traded the charming streets of Germany for the sunny vibes of Jacksonville, FL, armed with nothing but a dream and a couple of suitcases (and our two adorable dogs, of course!). It has always been our dream to bring a piece of home to the US and build something special: A family business that reflects the warmth and authenticity we grew up with.

Billi & Michael


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Our motto is simple but meaningful: From Europe with love.

Every product you see has been handpicked by us and comes with a bit of our story. A colorful mix of European treasures that we personally adore. We're all about fair trade, sustainability, and quality. Not just words - we mean it. The brands and products we offer have either been one of Billi's favorites for a long time or we stumbled upon them during our research. We both live and breathe this business, and we wouldn't have it any other way. So, dive in, explore and thanks for joining us on this adventure. From Europe with love!

From our Hearts
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What we are about

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    Each brand is handpicked by us and has our stamp of approval, as we truly love it and believe in offering only the best.

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    Our shop should be as planet-friendly as possible. That’s why we always strive for fair trade brands & sustainable products.

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    We’re always on the lookout for up-and-coming new labels from Europe, to offer you the best selection of products.

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    Our promise to you: We‘re committed to offer quality products and take our time to ensure they meet our standards.


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